Louise lives in Calgary, Alberta. She is a graduate of ‘The Alberta College
of Art’ (painting and printmaking), and studied for one year at ‘The
Accademia de Belle Arti e Liceo Artistico’ in Florence, Italy.

Louise’s work has been exhibited in many selected and group exhibitions in
Canada and abroad including Italy and Australia. Her work can be found in
numerous private collections in Canada, Australia, Sweden and Japan.

At present, Louise’s main focus is in painting, collage and printmaking. She
has worked in sculpture and fibre, and for several years participated in
Artist Trading Cards. She is drawn to the miniature format. In recent years,
Louise has been using egg tempera as a medium in painting.

Colour, placement of shapes, light, and pattern are of primary importance
to Louise when arranging objects for a piece of work. Linear marks direct
her to search for pattern, whether it be pencil, pen, a thread in fibre, or lines
formed in nature. Repetition of a pattern can be a reassuring occurrence. It
is also exciting to see a deviance from the pattern and see where that mark
takes one.

When Louise completes a successful piece of work it strikes a cord within